Scary Maze

The plot of the scary maze game appears elementary. Definitely, the game itself is basic. There are no instructions and only one easy tip: do not touch the walls. Anything else remains to the player. This game can possibly be entirely controlled just with the mouse. It’s tougher than it seems to be. You ought to ensure to do not touch the sides simply because if that takes place you will have to take the level from the beginning.

You will manage a red point that moves through some type of labyrinth with the main purpose of running out of it. Once you will cope to get to the exit point of the maze you will be able to reach the following level. Each stage is more hard than the last one, so you may really have a bad time trying to complete the game.

There are 4 stages that have to be finalized by the gamer in order to complete the game. For each stage you have a different form for the labyrinth.

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