Happy Wheels



Happy WheelsHappy wheels is an addicting, free, bloody, and fun racing game that is the brainchild of Jim Bonnacci. Even though, the developer of this fabulous game is not famous, the game has become one of the most played games in the entire world. The mission of each level in the Happy wheel is unique. The most common objective within these levels is racing and keeping your own character alive. For you to achieve this goal, you have to avoid all the obstacles and hazards that try to stop or even kill you.

The unique level of editor that exists on Happy wheels is one of the best features. They afford you a chance to build many levels depending on the choices that you have. They also allow you to choose the names of these levels, but you just need to register before you get a chance to save the levels and share them to public. You should also play another game that is really funny. It is called Tug the table and it's multiplayer game.

The sounds and music of game is also pretty good. The sounds that the traps produce are more or less the same like the real ones. For example, if you splatter, the resulting splattering sound is similar to that of splattering in real life, which I believe none of you has ever experienced it before.

Happy wheels Game is addictive, and it is worth trying. Once you get your foot on this game, you would not stop playing it repeatedly. If you are newbie to web based flash games, you need to try this game. Just Bookmark WheelsHappy.EU to have fun 24/7

Our website is created just to have fun with great games and spend some time, that's why if you bored playing Happy wheels, I will tell about my other favorite games. One of the greatest and the most bloody shooting game is Gunblood, where you have to check your skills and make the shot as fast as possible. Check it out at http://gunblood.eu website.

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